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Taylor Estate
 Tequesta, FL
Nestled on the beautiful Intracoastal on about 2.5 acres of land is a large residential home with a wonderful view of the water from the living area and the main bedroom area. Architects of the project, Garcia & Stromberg, introduced us to this project and asked HJA Design Studio to work on a solution that would make it a cohesive landscape. The main living area is separated from the Guest House and the garage by 80 feet and a covered loggia connects these two areas. The existing swimming pool lies in this space and was to be preserved.

HJA took this opportunity of creating an internal courtyard between the main living area and the guest house by moving the loggia to line up with the corner of the garage thereby creating a larger internal courtyard and a much more interesting space that allows for a fountain to be viewed from the front door. Flowering trees now line the walkway and make it a much pleasant space to lounge in next to the pool.

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Maged Estate
 6th October City, Egypt
The Maged estate is proposed on a beautiful two acre site that sits along the fairway of a golf course in 6th, October City, in Egypt. A series of low cascading waterfalls on one side and lush landscaping on the other create a welcoming entrance. The pool area is restricted due to the shape of the residence but ‘spitters’ on the pool’s edge help to animate the waters of the pool. A difference in elevation between the living area and the lower level gives an opportunity to create a water sculptural element that brings the sound of water into the house. Centered on the pool, a wall sculpture with a water basin helps to create a focal point in the landscape. A series of stone slabs lead you to an amorphous pond where waterfalls and shade structure create an ambience of rest and tranquility.

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Jeddah Palace
 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
HJA had the extraordinary opportunity of helping translate His Royal Highness Prince Salman’s vision of a seaside family complex into a spectacular palace grounds on the shores of the Red Sea. One of nine international Landscape Architects selected to prepare the conceptual master plan for the 100 hectare site, HJA created a master plan that included a central palace complex, a family residential area with guest and entertainment villas, administrative offices, canals, numerous water features, parks, gardens, and an exclusive private marina.

The main concept for the layout began with a nautilus shape that helped to give form to the breakwater and the marina along the Red Sea. A secondary axis is oriented toward Mecca, while north-south and east-west axes give form to circulation and viewsheds. A third and primary axis becomes a focal point of the spiral. Here, the main palace is located with a spectacular view of a fire element in the circle’s center. Each of the individual seven palaces are separated from the mainland by a canal on the east side allowing for the Prince’s direct boat access to the Red Sea. Lush gardens, formal parks and a variety of water features punctuate the outdoor spaces throughout the Palace grounds.

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